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“Just finished watching ‘Dare To Dream: A Story From El Salvador’… and WOW!

Please purchase the film online and spread the word. Major dose of hope and inspiration.
To me (as someone who has spent 20+ years in global/community development)
the film truly captures why bitcoin adoption is the way forward.”

Scott A Wolfe (Twitter) @ScottAWolfe


The distributor for this film – Freestyle Digital Media – has exclusive rights for the USA, Canada, and Caribbean. Please go to News page for full details on where it can be accessed around the world on different platforms and networks.

For those outside of those territories, you can also choose to watch the film by clicking one of the options below:


Our story starts over a decade ago in a tiny village on the coast of El Salvador. When faced with the tough decision of leaving their poverty-stricken violent country in search of a brighter future, two youngsters decided to buck the trend. They would stay, standing up to the challenges of their land with the dream of building a better future for their own community.

Years of efforts bringing education and opportunity to the local children led to an even bigger dream with the help of an anonymous bitcoin donor: to create a local bitcoin economy built around a vision of financial inclusion. Its success would inspire El Salvador to become the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender, sending shockwaves around the world.